Monday, May 17, 2010

Where Can You Find Extra Money?


Yeah, it's not much, right? But in the past week, I found my nickels at a focus group I went to-- we were provided juice in the morning and sodas with lunch. Sixteen commenters created a lot of waste, and a lot of that was recyclable.

My husband helped did some volunteer work a couple of weeks ago. The gig was an art auction for charity. And the bottles of Pellegrino, wine, and regular water bottles abounded! Another bag for the kids' college fund and another set of bottles and glass saved from the junkyard, sitting and rotting.

And, yesterday, the hubs asked if we could stop by the local car dealership. We've been a one-car family since last September, when our beloved Saturn died. And we drove past to look at a Mazda-5, when what do you know? They're giving away free hot dogs, burgers, sodas and water to everyone who stops by. And when I asked the d.j. if they were recycling any of this, he sheepishly responded, "No, I forgot my other bin at home." I don't know if he was being sarcastic or not, but I asked him if I could take the trash bag home. He paused and said, "Sure, if you really want to."

And later that evening, while I pulled cans and bottles out of the big plastic bag filled with the ends of hot dog buns, cheese-food wrappers, napkins and useless cardboard cups, (Seriously, they were already wrapped in tin foil, why did we need the cardboard too?) I reminded myself that it was all for a good cause. And 64 more cans and bottles saved from the landfill.
Total Cans found since last time:164, for a grand total of
1012 cans! WE have broken the 1,000 point! And a total of $50.60
Thanks for your trash!

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