Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Five Bucks Here

I've recently been listening to Dave Ramsey on talk radio. I like hearing people stick to a budget and figure out how to overcome problems and work through debt. We don't have any credit card debt, but do have a Southern California mortgage and expenses like preschool, gas, food for a family of four, insurance, bills, etc. Oh, how the fun things add up.

So, five bucks here and five bucks there help. We still put a few bucks from each of my husband's paychecks into a college acct. for the kids. But five extra dollars is five extra dollars. However, I wonder if I'm getting too crazy about this. I took the trash down to the Dumpster at a friend's apartment. (She has a newborn, so I try to help her out when I can. Why taking the trash out at my OWN house isn't as fun, I'll never know.) Looking for the trash, I walked past the recycling bins that were FULL of cans. If my friend hadn't had her mother there (and had my toddler not been running crazy throughout her living room at the time) I would have asked for some trash bags and taken those nickels! But, they were being recycled anyway. It still drives me crazy to see all the trash on the side of the road, and it also surprised me as I walked to the grocery store with my son to notice just HOW MANY trash cans are along the sidewalk there. How much trash do we make, people?

And in that vein, I will add: SHAME ON FRITO-LAY.

If you haven't noticed, Frito-lay has gone backwards in its efforts to be eco-friendly. Because their bags were "too noisy" they are trashing their new 100% compostable bags. :( Major :(

Who needs quiet when they're eating chips? The chips are noisy themselves!

So a mere 100 bottles and cans recycled for $$ this week. However, many milk jugs and giant water bottles from a certain preschool were recycled. (They're not the right type of plastic for the California Recycling program, but are still recyclable.) Thank you for instilling a sense of responsibility in the children there.

Grand total: Our grand total is now up to 4,414 cans.

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