Saturday, July 30, 2011

Service with a Smile?

I saw this recycle bin last week and it made me... smile. :)

But what made me smile even more is my biggest haul of the project so far. Literally, a haul. (And this is after last week's haul of aluminum cans and glass bottles.

This minivan full of plastic bottles (mostly) and a few cans rendered me with $44.00! Not bad for a couple hours of work. I recycled $38 worth of plastic. (At a nickel piece it'll be just over 760 bottles and 120 cans.) Just enough so that I had to fill all the seats with recyclable trash. I'm very glad that I live just a few blocks away from the recycling center since I only had one mirror that I could see out of and didn't want a ticket! So, this month's worth of cans, thank you to my brother Jordan, my friends Katherine and Mike, Ian and Deborah, Wes and Sam, and all of those friends who came with our family to the beach and of course to my husband who helps retrieve these bottles from far off subterranean garages, thank you! Hopefully, when my kids go to college, it will be completely paid for!

Thank you all!
Last week: $16.75 = 335 bottles and cans
This week: $44.00 = 880 bottles and cans.
Grand total: 10,738 bottles and cans and $536.93

Now I have some car cleaning to do!

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