Friday, March 12, 2010

Money on the side of the road

Would you, as you drive down the freeway, toss nickels and dimes out the window? Apparently some people would, because every day I look out the window as I go down freeway exits, and I see empty energy drinks, beer bottles, soda cans, juice cans. Some are flattened, some aren't. I really need to call the highway patrol and ask them just how legal or illegal is it to go pick up trash on the side of the highway? I know it's crazy to risk life and limb for just a few bottles and cans. But I saw about ten empties on the off-ramp to Alameda Ave in Burbank and someone apparently had a party near the Lake Ave off-ramp in Pasadena this morning. I noticed a pile of brown bottles as I drove by. What really keeps me from pulling over (aside from looking like a crazy woman) are my kids in the back seat. Don't want anything to happen to the little ones.

I looked into adopting a highway, and apparently it doesn't mean that you get to go out and clean it up yourself. You just sponsor the people that come and clean it up for you.

How many nickels did you pass on the side of the road today?

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