Monday, March 29, 2010

Creating a monster - True Story of Recycling

So, on last Tuesday, I was taking Sam to a little girl movie. It was a free screening to get opinions on the flick. (This happens often in L.A.) And on the way out, Sam and I took a very recycle-friendly walk through the outdoor mall.

First, we stopped at the bathroom for a very important pit stop before getting in the car for the 30 mile drive home. I noticed an empty water bottle that someone had left there, so, I took it out with me, instead of letting someone throw it in the trash. And, as we left, I noticed another empty plastic bottle on the top of the trash can. So, I grabbed that "nickel" as well. Then we continued and window-shopped as we made our way to the car. As we stopped at the water fountain, we noticed there was a water bottle in the water. I fished that one out too. And Sam wanted to carry them, so I let her, until she said, "Mommy, you hold this one... and this one... and this one too." And as we headed down the stairs in the parking garage, my three year old looked into the trash can that was at her eye-level and said, "Mom! There's THREE in there!" So, we grabbed those bottles out of the trash and took them to the car. So, six bottles rescued from the landfills, and 30 cents in our pocket. And a little girl's education about recycling has begun.

(And for the germaphobes, yes, we wash our hands when we get home.)

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