Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Little by little, thanks for the nickel

So, yesterday I took back 234 cans and bottles, amassing the grand fortune of $11.70.

You might say, "Why do all that work for $11.70?" It's peanuts. Yup. But, it's peanuts that others THREW AWAY. All I did was pick it up. (With the help of my hubs. Thanks, dear.) Some of that $$ came from my husband's office, where people met in huge groups, for lunches, for meetings, for seminars and threw their water bottles away. My darling husband rode public transit with a giant bag of recyclables for the Five Mill. Can Project.

I was taking some old clothes to the Salvation Army and found a bunch of really big beer cans smashed and left on the street. Picked those up. I found bottles in the gutter in yesterday's storm. I found cans on the street in front of my daughter's preschool. I found cans on an early morning jog.

One day it was like following a trail of water bottles. I timed my run to the post office. (Needed to mail in my unemployment form.) On the way back, I wasn't sure which way to turn, but found a bottle on the corner, picked it up. I kept going. Then I saw another bottle, picked it up and turned again. Finally I found a water bottle as I ran (okay, walked) past the park.

All I can say is thanks for the nickels. $11.70 added to the college fund.

(And RIP to the Snapple bottle laying below the bridge in the water reclamation ditch. I couldn't reach you.)

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