Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FMC: Weekend Update: Monrovia Street Unfair

Okay, so whine, whine, whine, but the FOUR bins I put out at the street fair last Friday were not the huge success I expected. Number one, two of the bins I set out looked too much like plain trash cans and the signs I placed on them were merely bumper-sticker sized, not the giant 8x10 glossies that people need in their faces. The two bins that looked, yes, like recycle bins, got a fair amount of cans collected. I thank you who did look and see what was happening. I understand most people do not have the obsession with bottles and cans that I do. I am an oddball with a penchant for peeking in the can I pass at the store, the gas station, walking down the street. And usually, I find a can or bottle or two.

Most people at the street fair are just there for fun, and not there to concentrate on trash. I'm not asking that people become obsessed here, just that they look around and notice things.

My brother made a hefty donation of Mountain Dew bottles. (Dude, I think you need to lay off the caffeine.) And I made a sad realization that a local Southern California water park (that I am writing an article about) does not appear to recycle. I saw nary a recycling bin anywhere, although water bottles were EVERYWHERE-- even one floating in the kiddie pool for a minute. A quick ask to a teenager working in one of the retail shops, and it looks as if they don't recycle at all. Or maybe I was just asking the wrong person. But, I'm going to ask the right person and see if they would be willing to start a recycling program.

Here's hoping!

This week, we saved 215 cans and bottles, for a total of 3172.

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