Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When You're Saving One Can, You're Saving Two Cans!

Or "When you're saving one can, you're saving toucans!"

Every day on PBS Kids, I hear this being said. I don't know what it's a commercial for, or if it's just a public service announcement, but I like it.

I also both love and fear that the other day, the three year old (ALMOST FOUR!!!) looked in the trash can and I said, "Don't touch that! It's dirty!" And she looked at me and said, "I was just looking for cans, Mom."

So, this week, we got two gigantic and heavy bags of recycling from the Dodgers game we went to on Friday. (Free tickets thanks to saving receipts from the 76 gas station.)

Also, my brother kindly donated the many many bottles of Mountain Dew he drained.
Several friends gave some bottles and cans-- more Perrier, Dawn? And the day spa that said they didn't get many bottles gave me a huge bag full of plastic bottles that otherwise would have been thrown away. Yay! See? Every little bit adds up.

$9.20 added to kids' college fund.


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