Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Won The Lottery!

I just won $10! (By picking up other's trash, and by helping my friends recycle their bottles and cans from work, and schools, etc.)

So, here's 200 more cans to the cause, bringing us over 4,000 cans!

I just heard on 980 AM the other day on "L.A.'s Afternoon News with Maggie McKay & Michael Shappee" the two hosts were talking about how much of a pain it is to return your recycling cans and bottles. Mr. Shappee complained his wife takes so long to do it; he had to wait for her and at the end, she only got $8! Number one, I bet she only got BACK eight dollars. That money was a fee she paid when she bought the cans/bottles of beverage. So, good for her for not throwing away her money. And number two, it's important to monetize recycling. You know why? Because fewer people would recycle if they didn't get anything from it. I grew up recycling. It was just something you did. But I sure never went through trash back then to pick up a bottle. I didn't hold onto a bottle until I got home so I could recycle it. And I'm pretty sure my parents paid for curb recycling. And I know more than a few bottles or cans probably just got thrown in with the trash just because it was cold in the garage, snowy winters and temps below freezing and all. (I haven't always lived in California, you know.)

When you monetize a can, it makes it have value and people actually pay attention. It's sad that people pay more attention to money than they do their planet's well-being and cleanliness, but if it makes them pay attention, I'm all for it. And I also happen to know it provides jobs. The gentleman at the rePLANET that I frequent-- the one who always says, "Hi, my lady," when he sees me-- has a job because of CRV (California Redemption Value). I know there is a man who owns that location too. Anyway, Mr. McKay, it may not seem like a lot, but I bet those $8 here and there add up, and I'm certain that for some people who collect our wasted "nickels" at gas stations, grocery stores and littered in the streets and highways, it brings them food.

Anyway, that's me on my soapbox. (I wonder which other states have a similar program.)

Grand total, 4,003 cans/bottles.
The boy is napping, so (and here's something you don't hear most lotto winners say:)
I'm going to go look for a job!

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