Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tooooooo long!

Yes, it is now December. December! I apologize for my lack of Novemberite posting. I have still been recycling, of course.

I found the "aluminum mine" that is Kathryn's garage. I need to go back for another pick up tomorrow. (It's not quite a gold mine.) The preschool is still recycling, although their recycling bin was damaged due to rain and ants and spilled sticky juice, apparently. Friends with Thanksgiving parties have donated their bottles and cans-- Thanks, Sam and Wes.

Since my last posting, I've gone several times to the recycling center-- sometimes to be attacked by bees, sometimes not-- and we've gotten $14.00, (280 cans/bottles) $6.00 (120 cans/bottles) and $10.35 (207 cans and bottles). So, 607 cans and bottles recycled in November, which brings our GRAND TOTAL to: 6,003 cans and bottles rescued, and $300.15!

So, I started this blog back in March. I must admit, I assumed that this would be something that would take off like a rocket. But, I also must admit, I could be working harder on this. We're coming up on the new year soon. I would never have thought I would still be at home with the kids right now. I love it, but wish I could be bringing in more money than through recycling. But time goes on, faster than we realize.

And as time goes on, we use a bottle here, a bottle there. A friend of mine comments on how when her daughter comes to visit, the plastic bottles really pile up as she drinks several bottles of water a day. I hate to say, "Like sand through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives" but these are not grains of sand. Bottles are made of oil, right? Petroleum? That's what I want wrapped around MY beverage! At least glass actually IS sand-- not that I love drinking sand either. :) But it all adds up, for good or for bad, for recycling, nickel by nickel or bottle by bottle, oil drop by oil drop, plastic bag floating in the ocean until they make a "plastic soup" killing fish, ocean animals, birds, and well, it isn't helping us much either.

So, do your part with cleaning up. It might be easier if we just didn't make the mess at all. (God, I'm starting to sound like my mother.)

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