Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Still at it!

Over the holidays, I may not have been posting (bad Can Mom) but I never stopped recycling. (Unlike these people -- "The Free Market", Kevin Donohue, a Texan and football/tech blogger. These people proffer up the ideas that "we should pay other people to recycle our stuff for us." (Okay, fine.) And they also pooh-pooh the idea that person by person, can by can, bottle by bottle will make a difference. I say that every person can make a difference. We can make a difference by the things we buy (or don't buy.) This is known as voting with your wallet. How many people have bought a cloth bag recently? And if you actually use them, it makes an environmental difference!

I'd like to thank Ariana, a complete strange who made a difference to me yesterday. Having posted on Craigslist that she had some recycling that she didn't want to take to the recycle center herself, but wanted to give to someone who might need it, she read my blog. (Hi, Ariana.) And while in the area, we stopped by her house and got a large bin full of recycling. (I think Ariana and her friends had a good New Year's Eve.) But between my parents visiting and drinking 2 liters of soda daily, my own Christmas Eve and New Year's parties, and Ariana, we saved another 225 bottles and cans. (Over the past month, I've also picked up about 498 cans from my husband's office party and 394 from friends and various "found treasures.") So, in December
we found and rescued a total of 1,117 more cans!

(and that makes $356)

Anyway, thanks Strangers, thanks friends, and thanks to all those who recycle, reuse or donate the things you use, from my kids in their favorite recyclable present received this Christmas:


  1. Got plenty more for you tonight! Just remind me!

  2. And! Once we get the rest of the world on board with recycling, the next step is here: