Friday, March 25, 2011

Purely Plants?

Here at the Five Million Can Project, recycling for money for my kids' education is not the only "green" thing we do. I also compost, meaning every piece of food that is not eaten is put into our compost bin. I don't enjoy watching food rot in the mini bin I have next to the sink (pee-ew) but it's kinda cool to dump it, cover it with a shovel, and come back a week or two later to find really dark soil. I also grow basil and am trying to grow blueberries. Trying, basically, NOT to kill the blueberry bush/plant that my friend gave me.

Growing the basil saves me $$ so I don't have to spend $3 or $4 every time I want some fresh stuff, and also saves the huge plastic container it comes in.

But bottles are an easy way that I can see what I'm doing. (Espcially when I keep count.)

But maybe one day, we won't have to recycle. Maybe we'll have fully biodegradable bottles and cans. Pepsi is already making a plant-based bottle, from things like the potato scraps, orange peels and banana peels some people put in their composter.

Check it out here:

But until then, I will keep my recycling up, even if it's just grabbing bottles from my friends. (Thank you, Miriam and Jordan.)

The past couple of weeks, I've reclaimed $5.75 and $3.55 worth of recyclables. This is $9.30 and 186 more, for a GRAND TOTAL of $394.75 and 7,895 cans! Think if this had just gone down the drain, being wasted. And think of the good that can come from a little bit of effort. Will you donate your cans to someone?

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  1. Ooo! Kudos. (Or is it ooh!) Glad to help. Perhaps the one thing I can credit to my Mt. Dew habit.

    'have another bagful when you're want. :^)