Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Slowing down?

Well, things may be slowing down a little. I still am not using bottles or cans unless I can help it. (i.e. Soda) But I'm still collecting cans when I can. Get it? Ha, ha. This past week I had a donater (thanks Sam and Wes) fill up their recycling box provided to them by bottlesandcans.com. I came for a pick up and recycled them for another $5.65-- saving 113 cans. Okay, in this case I think it was 113 beer bottles! (Built up over time.)

And before that, there was $6.85 from saving up our own cans from birthday parties and such, and I believe a donation from another friend. So, there's another 137 cans saved.

So, that brings our total to $385.45 and 7,709 cans total.

But there's still a small bag of recycling sitting by my back door and every time I go somewhere-- a walk with the dog, a stop at the gas station, the playground, there is always a discarded bottle or can waiting for someone to pick it up, or waiting to be blown and swept into the ocean. What will happen to it? Who knows?

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