Monday, June 7, 2010

FMC: Weekend Update: At the Beach!

So, beach bonfire at Dockweiler State Beach was successful. Hubs and I and the little ones scored a fire pit around 12:30 in the afternoon and set up a tent to hang out in and stay out of the sun. (We are a pale lot.) We read. Sammie and I built a sand castle. Okay, we filled buckets with wet sand and dumped 'em out. Not really a castle, but kind of a fort. We ran from the waves, and Sammie warned me, "Look out! You'll get wet!" as she watched in her bathing suit, staying as dry as possible.

And eventually, our friends showed up with some food and drinks. (We provided the wood to burn.) We had a good time, the hubs reminded everyone about this Web site and we collected the used cans to return and recycle. I also saw other people going about the beach, poking around in garbage cans and rescuing recyclables. So, there weren't many for me, as I was mostly there for fun and the cans were a side-bit for the day. However, I did find this:

It looked like someone just decided to not bring anything to pick up their trash in. Or perhaps a bin had fallen over and things had blown away, but no one cared enough to pick it up. So, as I walked along the sand looking for discarded cans, I found this flock of seagulls, (not the band) and they were happily picking through the trash, some eating paper plates, some snacking on plastic cheese-food wrappers. So, trying to be a good example, I captured some of the plastic bags floating around in the wind and started picking up the trash, running off the seagulls, and my brother and 3-year-old Sammie came to help me out. Once we almost had everything picked up, a nearby picnicker came over and helped out. I don't know if he or the group next to him was responsible for the mess, but I was grateful that someone else at least noticed.

The people who do this kind of thing, just dump their stuff out for the ocean to collect, make me sick. It's just as bad as the people who let oil pump out, poisoning the water. Poison is poison. Anyway, this weekend I rescued three or four cans besides our own on the beach. Found a few plastic water bottles in the parking lot as we left.

Cans from the beach: 46. $2.30 more for the fund.
Total so far: 1673, $83.65.

Respect for some of my fellow humans? Somewhat lessened.

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