Friday, June 4, 2010

FMC's Weekend Update

So, yes, I know it's Friday, but every week I head to the local recycling center to cash in my cans and bottles. Recently, I've been bringing the little girl with me to the point where now she got angry because I only had 37 cans and let her sit and watch me deposit the recycling instead of getting her hands dirty and sticky. She yelled at me afterwards, "I didn't get to help with the cans!" So, I let her take the ticket into the Albertson's and redeem the cans, later letting her put the cash and coins into her piggy bank (which we later deposit into her college savings acct.)

So, although this week we only collected 37 bottles and cans-- some left over from my friend's game day, some picked up after a movie-- (You can't imagine the nickels people just leave at their seat, some empty, some almost full.) But although we only got $1.85, I now notice the difference in my daughter. She knows about recycling and is enthusiastic about it. She CRIED about not recycling cans. Cried. I'm so proud.

This weekend, we head to the beach for a big bonfire with lots of friends. In years past when we've gone, the amount of trash-- recyclable and not-- has been horrifying. I was truly angry at the group of a dozen or so teens last year who came, shared our campfire and then left a pile of cans and plastic all over the beach. We cleaned up after them, and the beach patrol let us stay an extra 10 minutes after closing so we could pick it all up. Of all the places you'd trash, why would you trash the beach? However, their carelessness in this case is my gain. Tomorrow beach clean-up, pics to follow!

Can total: 37 this week, for a total of 1627. $81.35.

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