Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Helpful Husband Recycles, Part 2

Some men bring home roses. Some men bring chocolates. Some men make late night ice cream-and-olive shopping trips. (Okay, that was my man too.) But my man brings home a car full of recycling.

Sadly, his office doesn't recycle paper or cans. So he frequently brings home a box of shredded paper to throw in our recycle bin. Sometimes he brings a bag of cans and bottles. But this week, my hubs had call to actually drive the car into work instead of taking the metro and came back with three huge trash bags full of cans and bottles and two heavy boxes of paper. Added to our usual weekly findings on walks to the park, outside Target, walking the dog, helping friends move, on the ground outside daycare, at the movies, -- Toy Story 3 is ALL about recycling-- we came up with 351 more bottles. That is $17.55 that people have thrown away.

Seems like a lot of money, until you realize that (according to Californians throw away $300 million last year.

Either way, it brings our total to 2264! Over the 2,000 mark and getting closer to our goal all the time!

Grand Total: 2,264, or $113.20

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