Friday, June 18, 2010

The Helpful Husband Recycles

Doesn't that sound like the title of a 1950s how-to book?

I don't know how your spouse acts, if they're chatty or shy, a doer or a thinker. My husband is definitely not shy and is definitely a doer. He works in downtown L.A. and got off work early because of the Lakers game. (They are usually cautious about anyone getting caught in downtown if there's a win OR a loss.) So, wonderful man that he is, he stopped off at the L.A. Convention Center (not the Staples Center) where they're having a certain yearly electronics convention. He stopped by there, did a quick walk of the convention, and in 3 minutes picked up a trash bag full of cans that had been thrown into the trash. Mind you, there are recycling bins right next to every garbage can there. Somehow, the cans and bottles just didn't make it into them. So, thank you, sweetie, for the $3.50 in cans and bottles you were able to get by making a quick stop on your way home.

And gamers! I know you're distracted by the booth babes, but come on! Just take a look and put the bottle in the right container!

Also, a friend this week donated her cans and bottles on Wednesday. I didn't know people drank so much Perrier.

Another $5.10 (102 cans) in just 2-3 more days.

New Grand Total = $95.65, 1913 bottles and cans


  1. Yes...someone is out here and reading your blog! I work for the fortune 500 company who makes the vast majority of those cans that you are recycling. Thank you. I do the same things that you do but for another reason. The folks where I work save cans all year long and the proceedes go to charities in our town. Your efforts with plastic and glass bottles makes me envious, as we do not have the same recycling buyback that you do in CA for those items. If we did...I would be quite wealthy. You are part of a new awareness that is indeed taking hold of our world, Thank you.
    Tami in VA

  2. Tami in VA!

    Thanks for caring and taking care to help charities and also to take care of the environment. How the can buyback works is that everyone pays an extra 5 cents per can when they buy any sodas or beers. (I believe it's 10 cents if you buy a 2 liter bottle or anything over 20 ounces.) Then you basically get a refund when you return them. So many people just don't bother for the refund. But it also drives many to recycle them and go get their money back!

    BTW, Go VA! I was born in the Tidewater, grew up in NoVA and graduated from JMU before moving to Los Angeles. And thanks for reading!