Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yes, we CAN!

So, where did I find cans this week?

Helped a friend move and box things;

They lovingly donated
all their cans and bottles they had accumulated
All their recyclables added up
When they bought cans and didn't use cups
Drinking from cans is convenient and nice
But glasses can be used much more than twice!
However, it works out well for me,
82 more for the project, you see.

Okay, enough with the rhyming, I know. I sometimes break into spontaneous poetry--
Occupational hazard of being unemployed and needing to use your brain.

Also, you know that you have been thinking about bottles and cans as nickels when you find a quarter on the ground and think, "Hey, five cans!" This project is really changing how I view recycling. Bottles and cans have value, not just monetarily. I'm actually kind of proud that I have saved so many cans from the rubbish heap.

So, where did the other bottles and cans come from this week?

I find my nickels everywhere! Went shopping at Staples, someone had left empty soda bottles in the corner of the store. So, I picked 'em up. The trash can at the metro station where I pick up my husband, (Mr. Can) had a couple sitting on top. I can no longer stand cans and bottles going to a landfill. So, I picked 'em up. My friends, Alex and Phil had a bunch of people over for pizza and beer. The beer bottles were donated to the cause. And the juice bottles someone had left at the beach party last week? Yeah, the kids have been making good use of those. So, a few more there.

Total number of bottles and cans from this week? 138
Grand total of 1,811= $90.55!

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